The Scheme of Work in Adult Education

The Scheme of Work is the name that we give to a high-level planning document, usually in the field of adult education and usually for courses run at adult education colleges.

When you are seeking funding for a project, your Scheme of Work puts forward the purpose of the learning project, outlines current resources and identifies any further resource requirements. It also identifies who your learners will be.

The following Scheme of Work was successfully used on a media skills project targeted at the following beneficiary groups who attended a day centre:

The unemployed, refugees, lone parents, people recovering from mental illness, lone parents and ex-offenders.

The document should include where you plan to run the sessions, the duration of the daily sessions and the number of daily sessions. So for example, the sessions will be run in the Ambleside Room at Bridgley Tech from 10am-12 noon and the afternoon session from 1pm-3:30pm. There will be six, three day courses starting on May 6th and the classroom can accommodate 6 students.

The learners will be screened by the Tech to identify appropriate computer literacy skills.

The document should include a breakdown of the resources required. As this is an IT project it requires a number of hardware and software resources.

With regard to resources: hardware:

3 digital cameras 3 Sony DV recorders 3 Dell multimedia laptops 3 tripods 1 TV 1 DVD player DVD media courseware


Movie Magix Edit Pro v10, SonicDVD, Photoshop Elements v3

The aim of this workshop is for learners to film and produce a quality DVD of their project within the 3 day timescale.

This will involve shooting video footage and still images, downloading from tape to hard disk, cutting, fading in/fading out, merging clips, adding music, text, slide shows, DVD structures, menus and chapter marks. Then there will a testing phase followed by the burning of files to DVD and then replaying them on TV.

Many of the students will not have had access to this technology and the subtext of the project is to demonstrate the hardware/software, develop the exploration of personal creativity and build self-confidence.